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Our Goal!

Why $GANG ? you can read the road map but I want to explain you a little more,


Today, only 1% of the world population knows about crypto and buys some coins on big platforms like binance.


0.2 % of these buyers know about Defi and use pancakeswap or uniwsap.


We know that crypto is the future, but we need to spread the word together, and the best way is to make a Video clip about Crypto (we are the pioneers).


If every morning when you wake up you listen to Gangnam Token on Radio everything will change, so when I had this idea I was thinking about an artist who everybody knows, Gangnam Style, 4 billions Views on youtube, the number one, and this happened in 2012.


Fashion repeats every 10 years that's why Gangnam Token, and the idea is to make a video clip with a remix of Gangnam Style in Gangnam Token. 


And we can tell everybody, in the clip, you know BITCOIN , now we Have $GANG, we will build together a strong community, we will make together a solid marketing and we will persuade Psy ( the original singer )

to join us! This is my dream and I hope that is your's now...


So we have a Huge road map and this is our Goal. 


We are the revolutionary Token that "Will make the whole world dance soon, become number one in Music Awards and promote all the meme coins"


Flo Pay. 

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